Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 8 July 23, 2011

Matthew just hanging around while the rest of us close down the camper.

Today we needed to find a camping spot so we could stay in Colorado Springs for a few more days. The one we camped in last night is not available for the weekend. On the weekend it is always hard to find a camping spot near popular places. So we headed out to the National Forest to see about a campground. We went to 3 campgrounds and they were all full. My mom found another one father up the road so we headed up that way. It was down a dirt/gravel road. When we had traveled quiet away down the road we hit a big hill the hill was really far up more then a mile. The gravel was very loose so we had to get out and push b/c our tires were spinning. After we pushed it up for a few minutes a guy with a 4 wheel-drive came by and offered to pull our camper up to the top.

When we go to the top we realized that the camping was just pullouts on the side of the road and there was no one camping up there but we were almost back to the main road so we decided to go back and check back with the 3 campgrounds again to see if anyone had decided to leave. We were in luck there was one spot that would be opening up later that afternoon. So we headed to a lake near by to have a picnic lunch and take a hike around the lake to kill time until the site was available.

Matthew tried a little fishing

After dropping off the camper at the campsite we headed out to walk around old Colorado City's shops. Then we went to the Flying 'W' Wranglers Chuck wagon supper and western show

Mom at the Cooking Library. The Cooking Library is full of cookbooks. They provide recipe cards and they let you copy down as many as you want from their books.

Then we went into the dinner. They have the BEST BBQ that I have ever eaten and the best food I know of. I cleaned my plate except for my potato which I saved and ate later.

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