Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 11 Tuesday July 26, 2011

Today we went to Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium. Home of Timmy Tebow and the Denver Broncos. This was the highlight of my trip. Elizabeth, Matthew and I took an 1 hour and 45 minute tour of the stadium and boy was it great!

Dressing up

At Invesco Field

Daniel and Matthew goofing off.

Us down on the field

If you sit is these seats you are required to wear orange or white so the bronco still shows.

This is the stall where the broncos Mascot "Thunder" stays during the games when he is not on the field.

The Tour guide pointed out "The officials are so blind that they have to have Braille to make sure they are going in the right locker room"(see right hand corner of sign)

This is the flooring in the visitors locker room. It is made to where it can make you disoriented when you stare at it.

When the Visiting team leaves their locker room the first thing they are reminded of is how fare above sea level they are.

The Bronco in the middle of the fire place flames orange when the fire is lit.

The Field

Katherine in seats that are more expensive than you can imagine. $18,000 per seat per season(but you have to buy at least 2 seats) but don't worry the food is included!

A picture of the broncos locker room

One of the media rooms

Over looking the field

below is the entrance to the stadium

The view from the 3rd floor of the stadium

inside the Elite Club. During games you sill find former player here along with past and present governor, actors etc.

As soon as we left the stadium we hightailed it to Boulder home of the "Celestial Seasonings" We took a tour of the factory and afterwards they let us drink as many samples of tea as we wanted.

Here is me taking a nap with the Sleepy-time bear.

When we were driving thru Boulder we found Waldo! Do you see him?

After a VERY busy day we were greeted with a rainbow on our way to our campsite.

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