Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 13 July 28, 2011

Matthew found wild strawberries at our campsite. It was cold enough the to wear pants the next morning. We went to the gift store at the top of Monarch Pass.

We stopped at a little museum and learned about a very interested piece of Rail Road history. The Galloping Goose was the name of seven rail road cars that were built in the 1930's. It was not cost effective to continue have full size trains running of the tracks and so the decided to run these small "cars" to the deliver the mail and light loads while the steam trains would run to carry the heavier loads when needed. If you are interested in more information go to

This next picture is of a train car that was the home of a man that worked on the rail road and his family.

It is cold outside.

Next we went to Black Canyon of the Gunnison. It is like a mini Grand Canyon.

The drop off right next to the path(there was a railing)

I think this is my favorite picture of Daniel.

The whole gang of kids :)

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